Imro Fox (1862 - 1910)

This classic portrait of Fox performing sleight of hand, is pictured together with hand-turned wooden billiard balls.

Fox introduced a style of magic which eventually spawned, among others, Carl Ballantine and Harry Anderson, when he initiated the single performer 'comedy magic' act to vaudeville.

From 1898 to 1900 he toured with Servais LeRoy and Frederick Eugene Powell, "The Great Triple Alliance".


A highly-skilled sleight of hand artist, Fox was a staple of the turn of the century American tradition known as "Chatauqua". Chatauqua began as a touring lecture circuit, held under canvas in a tent show which originated in New York, but became an instituition which travelled across the United States. Chataqua came to include entertainment acts as well as lectures, and produced many legendary performers.