Dr. Harlan Tarbell (1890 - 1960), creator of the enduring Tarbell Course in Magic, is pictured ready to perform in formal evening dress, surrounded by the original edition of the Tarbell System course in Magic, which has become an institution.

For almost 75 years countless thousands have studied magic under the tutelage of the "Tarbell System".

Pictured at lower left is the MAGIC DIPLOMA issued by Tarbell Systems to OKITO, on November 24th, 1956, on the occasion of a celebration featuring Tarbell. The Diploma was one of a small number of his Okito's personal effects kept personally by Okito's son David [Fu Manchu] until his own passing.

The Tarbell Course of Magic poster [left, behind Tarbell's portrait] was issued as part of the original Tarbell course.It is complete with 60 photographs featuring Tarbell, and progress summaries representing what had been learned during each of the 60 lessons, intended for progress towards full 'magicianship' to be filled in by the student.

Although Tarbell is most widely known for the Tarbell System of teaching magic, that was not his sole contribution to the art of magic. [continued ...]